Keep On Cookin'

58 - Fridge Love with Kristen Hong

March 07, 2023 Dustin Harder Episode 58
Keep On Cookin'
58 - Fridge Love with Kristen Hong
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Kristen Hong writes the blog, where she shares about fridge organization, meal prep, and plant-based recipes, and runs a successful Instagram of the same name (@hellonutritarian), where she showcases her well-organized and gorgeously styled fridge photos.

On this week's episode of Keep On Cookin’, Kristen talks about the best ways to utilize (and love) your fridge! From maintenance to organization and the best recipes for vibrant, fun, and healthy living, Kristen has done the research and written the book so you can find the relationship with your refrigerator you never knew you needed. It’s a must!

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Kristen Hong:
IG:  @HelloNutritarian

Dustin Harder:
IG:  @TheVeganRoadie

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(Cont.) 58 - Fridge Love with Kristen Hong