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40 - Vegan Asian with Jeeca Uy

January 18, 2022 Dustin Harder Episode 40
Keep On Cookin'
40 - Vegan Asian with Jeeca Uy
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Jeeca Uy is a vegan with a passion for creating easy vegan recipes, Jeeca uses her Filipino-Chinese upbringing and her international travels to create her distinctive recipes. The Foodie Takes Flight features a wide variety of Asian dishes that span both modern and classic styles.  

Jeeca started The Foodie Takes Flight Instagram in 2015, which now has over 600K Followers. Jeeca’s reaching the masses with her easy, accessible, and fun pan-asian cuisine. Jeeca’s cookbook Vegan Asian can attest to that, having topped Amazon’s Asian Cooking, Food & Wine category immediately after its release. 

Jeeca Uy: IG: @thefoodietakesflight 

Dustin Harder: IG: @TheVeganRoadie

David Rossetti: IG: @drossetti

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(Cont.) 40 - Vegan Asian with Jeeca Uy